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Ray Houston
Ray Houston
23:04 04 May 21
I was contemplating on selling my home for quite awhile, but had apprehension in dealing with a realtor because I was... under the mindset that the realtor was only for self, and not willing to go the extra mile representing me. I also thought dealing with a realtor meant the individual would come into your home with a pre-canned A,B,C list of upgrades which THEY want done in order for them to place my home on the MLS.BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG!!!Working with Jazmyne McNeese totally crumbled my wall of doubt and apprehension of working with a realtor! Jazmyne was completely knowledgeable, available for questions, super responsive, professional, and quick with actionable resolution for any obstacle which will occur when selling/buying your home.Obstacles and barriers will always present themselves during the sale/purchase of a home....it's how your realtor that is representing YOU quickly assesses, and handles the issue which makes the individual stand out from all the rest.Working with Jazmyne has netted me more profit that I originally thought with the sale of my home, and that is because she has an entire network of contacts willing and able to do what is necessary to help close the deal!If you want an individual that is willing to go the extra mile to help sale/buy your home,....please give Jazmyne McNeese a call with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate....you will not regret the decision!!!read more
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